50% Hike in Salary in 2024: A Complete Blog on Dubai News

Besides all of these, there is news from a Gulf country that employers are offering a 50% salary hike in 2024. Would you believe it? Let’s find out the actual news on our blog.

50% Salary Hike in Dubai – True or False?

Employers in Dubai are offering 50% salary hikes in Dubai to all their employees who have shown their hard work in making a positive impact, assisted in revenue growth, or increased the productivity of a business. Therefore, the news is confirmed by the Khaleej Times.

Suppose you have a good rapport with your employer or manager. In that case, you can ask for other perks and benefits besides salary, such as flexible work, bonuses, schooling, job titles, work incentives, allowances, or even share options.

What are Industry Experts Saying?

Job experts in Dubai have given their commentary on this positive matter. They say that employees who have consistently shown outstanding performance, achieved goals beyond the organization’s expectations, and received excellent performance reviews are better positioned to ask for a salary hike.

Therefore, you must keep communicating your salary hike expectations to your employer. 

Know Your Financial Worth

You can go for the salary hike, but the condition is that you have to show your worth and make yourself an essential part of the company, going beyond and above your duties and responsibilities and performing better than what you did last year.

What can you do to request a salary hike in 2024 in Dubai? Open a formal conversation with your manager about the pay increase and ask for their feedback. 

In the following question, ask them about the other job responsibilities you can perform to raise the company’s revenue. Ask them about their expectations of you so that you can work according to them.

Doing your research before going to your manager for a salary hike is best.

Always attend salary hike meetings with your achievements on paper and show them to your manager when asked.

You also have to understand that the company is not liable to pay you a salary hike when there is a downturn in the economy.

 Keep your performance review meetings secretive, and do not disclose them to your colleagues.

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What Should I Do If I Didn’t Get Hike?

If you are given that salary hike, then what can you do? Will you feel demotivated, or will you change your company?

If we look at the positive side, then you can start writing your work goals for 2024. Elaborate on each work goal and describe what you can do to increase the company’s business.

The other way is to sit with your hardworking colleagues and ask about their secret strategy to get the hike.

Do some educational courses and learn professional skills to apply in your job and make your work easy.


Dubai employers are showering a 50% hike on reliable and skilled employees. If you want to be a part of this salary hike, you should also undergo all the points described in the above section. It’s better to learn and earn, which can make you happy. Don’t lose hope if you are not a part of the salary hike, you can try next year.

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