Good News About UAE Law 2024 Regarding Employee Mental Health Conditions

A wave of good news is coming from the UAE, in which positive amendments have been made considering the employees working there. But what is the good news? If you want to read it, go through our complete blog, and you will learn.

Let’s begin!

Describing the New UAE Employability Law

As per a new law passed in 2024, employers in the UAE have been restrained from making decisions about hiring, terminating, or restricting job opportunities for residents over a mental health condition.

Moreover, employees have a right to take up to 90 days of paid and unpaid sick leaves and may be pushed to the termination bracket only if they cannot report for work after these leaves.

This positive approach will help employees working in the UAE by prioritizing their mental well-being without fearing losing their jobs.

This step will help promote a positive work environment where individuals feel secure in seeking help without fearing repercussions.

What is the Penalty If Employer is Not Adhering to The New Law? 

The UAE government has prepared a full-fledged system if employers are not complying with the new law. The government will impose a hefty fine between Dh50,000 and Dh200,000 and will be slapped on those found violating it.

Does the new law in UAE recognize mental health? Yes, the law has been formed by understanding mental health as a state of psychological and social stability, consisting of emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

What New Amendments Have Been Made in UAW Law 2024?

The new law 2024 provides clear and comprehensive rights within mental health facilities.

This law has the power to protect the patient’s civil rights while in treatment, prohibit limitations on employment without proper medical evaluation, and prioritize patient confidentiality and privacy within mental health facilities, all aiming to promote holistic recovery and reintegration into society.

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What Does It Cover? 

This new law consists of the costs of mental health services in the UAE depending on elements such as the kind of treatment received, who the provider is, the specific location within the country, and sometimes, depending on the availability of the service and insurance cover.

The UAE has been trying to address mental health by offering various services, such as improvements in mental health infrastructure and services per changes in governmental policies.

Stigma-free Environment

The Emirati expert said the law helps reduce the stigma around mental health support. Citing data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), she said 1 in 4 people worldwide will experience a mental health issue at work.

Therefore, it is important to encourage open discussions and ensure continued care and support even after providing the necessary treatment. This is what the new law is calling for sending a message that seeking help for mental health issues is a positive step toward better mental well-being, which will support reducing the stigma often associated with this type of patient care and encouraging a more accepting attitude towards mental health concerns.

Final Words

The new law will definitely change the UAE laws and foster a healthy work environment among colleagues without any recursions. Let’s see what the future holds!

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